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Industry Articles

“Our Hands, Pockets and Purses. You’re Connected 150 Times a Day,  So is Your Demographic.”

Mobile is rapidly becoming the fastest way to create A Call To Action (CTA), personal embrace and MRE (Meals/Mobile Ready to Eat) solutions for companies and employees. Find out why these 10 reasons make sense and dollars.

“Marketing Made Easy With Branded Games”

With more than 30%of all smartphone users playing games, find out how brands are utilizing this technology to engage customers with brands in an unobtrusive and exciting way.

“Mobile Shoppers Don’t Want Intrusion”

The location-based shopping platform found that 71% of mobile app users don’t like the idea of being tracked into a store via their smartphones, and 56% say they are not interested in receiving push notifications while shopping.

“Social technology hits a wall.”

A McKinsey Global survey shows that acceptance, adoption and deployment are all quite different as companies deal with social technology.

“Mobile jobs hot in 2014.”

The hottest hiring trends in IT are Mobile jobs and poised to continue to be.


“Mobile at this point is predominately more of a “movement” than an actual true business model.”

“Mobile is still very much R&D and thus nonlinear. And yet companies want to create a work environment reflecting a standardized operational setting.

“Many brands/retailers/marketers want the app usage in order to collect more data and use push/geo location messaging. Unfortunately, in early going they are using data the same way as they have in the past and use notifications as another advertising channel.”

“Forward-thinking organizations are deploying mobile less as a competitive reaction than as a platform for innovation.”

“Mobile is much more a facilitator, or an expedient if you will – meaning it assists in the progress of, or is a means to an end.”

“Mobile right now provides more directional data than anything else. The question is, do you trust directional data enough to invest in it.”

Big Data

“The concept of Big Data is well-established in the marketing world. But the irony for many of us is that we are no closer to making smart marketing decisions now than we were before it was well-known.”

“Where we used to make bad decisions based on too little information, we are now making bad decisions based on too much information. The pendulum has swung from Little Data to Big Data, but many of us are still using Stupid Data.”

“Like any new business opportunity, data analytics will under deliver on its potential without a clear strategy and well-articulated initiatives and benchmarks for success.”

Human Capital/Talent

“Companies claim that they need talent, but what they really seek is performance.”

Talent is often defined by pedigree – places of employment, positions held, places of schooling, etc. But performance is tied to individual attributes.

“You will get more out of the typical employee if they feel a sense of individual responsibility and or obligation. These are manifested in two different areas – personal and professional. Personal – supporting one’s family, establishing self-worth, self-pride, etc. Professional – empowerment, either singularly or in a group. They don’t want to let themselves down first, thereafter their team or boss.”

“Skill level is usually the differentiator between two equally athletic players, or professionals in the workforce, with equal experience.”

Companies become too focused on hiring the right “professional” rather than making sure they don’t hire the wrong “person”.